Waste Management Council Members

Composed of 13 members representing business and industry, municipalities, public health, academia and conservation commissions, appointed by the governor and council, and serving a four-year term.

Public Interest

  • Chair, Vacant

Licensed Sanitary or Environmental Engineer or Sanitary Engineering

  • Eric S. Steinhauser

Public Health Expert

  • Vacant

Municipal Official

  • Vacant

Elected Official

  • Phillip D'Avanza
  • Vacant

Community that Recycles or Recovers Solid Waste

  • Steve Bullek

Associate Professor Environmental Sciences or Sanitary Engineering

  • Dr. Paula Mouser

Municipal Public Works Field

  • Mark Gomez

Private Solid Waste Management Industry

  • Anthony Andre Belanger

Local Conservation Commission Member

  • Cris Blackstone

Business or Financial Community

  • Vacant

Private Industries that Generate Hazardous Waste

  • Daniel Sweet