Water Council Members

Composed of 16 members representing various public and private interests of the state as well as a number of state agencies.


  • John A. Gilbert, Chair
  • Philip Croasdale, Vice Chair

NH Fish & Game

  • Scott Mason, Executive Director (Vacant)
  • Michael Dionne, Designee

NH Division of Parks & Recreation

  • Phil Bryce, Director of Parks (Bill Gegas)


  • Richard Geisser
  • Christopher Rawnsley

Statewide Nonprofit Conservation or Environmental Organization

  • Charles DeCurtis

Granite State Designers & Installers

  • Gary Spaulding


  • Charles Hardy

Water Works

  • John Boisvert


  • Daniel Flores

Septage Haulers

  • Larry Maznek

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators

  • Ken Conaty

NH Rivers

  • Michele L. Tremblay

NH Lakes

  • Michelle Davis