Wetlands Council Members

RSA 21-O:5-a establishes a Wetlands Council composed of five state agency representatives, and eight members of the public appointed by the Governor and Council for a term of three years, or until a successor is chosen.

NH Department of Agriculture

  • Matthew Bosiak (Designee)
  • Shawn Jasper (Commissioner)

NH Department of Business & Economic Affairs

  • Heather Shank (Designee)
  • Taylor Caswell (Commissioner)

NH Fish & Game Department

  • Michael Dionne (Designee)
  • Scott Mason (Executive Director)

NH Department of Natural & Cultural Resources

  • Seth Prescott (Designee)
  • Sarah L. Stewart (Commissioner)

NH Department of Transportation

  • Matt Urban (Designee)
  • William J. Cass (Commissioner)

County Conservation Districts

  • Richard Mellor

Environmental Protection

  • Vacant

Farm/Forest Industry

  • George Kimball, Chair

Marine Industry

  • Vacant

Municipal Conservation Commission

  • Sandra Crystall

Municipal Official

  • Gretchen Young

NH Association of Natural Resource Scientists

  • Lee Carbonneau

Non-Marine Construction Industry

  • Kenneth Rhodes